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DAWON MONTESSORI has been established to make educational wooden tools and toys since 1991. After we found out that we could achieve the competitive advantages in overseas markets, we set the long-term plan based on the small batch production system and have continued to improve product quality and productivity, develop new products and gain competitive pricing. As a result, we achieved ISO9001, KC (Korea Certification Mark) and CE certifications and have about 10 patents. Based on the experience and technology accumulated over the last few decades, we are currently exporting to China and Japan.

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Cylinder Blocks

Montessori pink tower

This Product consists of 4 blocks, each containing 10 cylinders with knobs, each cylinder fitting into its respective hole. It is used to promote visual discrimination of dimensions. The contents of this Product are the same as Knobless Cylinders.

Broad Stairs

Montessori pink tower

Ten brown wooden prisms all in the same length but varying height and width from 1 centimeter to 10 centimeters are used to promote visual discrimination of width and thickness

Knobless Cylinders

Montessori pink tower

The Knobless Cylinders are four sets of wooden cylinders, each a different color with varying height and diameter as same as the Cylinder Blocks. There are 40 cylinders in total, 10 each per color

Pink Tower

Montessori pink tower

The Pink Tower is a lesson consisting of ten solid wooden cubes painted in pink sizing from 1cm3 to 10cm3. It is used to develop the awareness of volume.

Red (wooden) Rods

Montessori pink tower

Ten red rods differing in one dimension – length (from 10cm to 100cm) is used to promote visual discrimination of length.

Pairing of Colors

Pairing of Colors

This product consists of 6 sets of color tablets in 4 shades, and 6 sets of cylinders in the matching colors to the tablets.