DAWON MONTESSORI will be the dreams of children.



During the early children days and infancy, especially the sensory characteristics (i.e. size, color, shape, weight, etc.) of an object stimulate them and draw their attention.
Montessori calls this stage “Sensitive Period”
In other words, this period is sensitive time to obtain certain ability for the development of intellectual activity, and at the same time, its formation period.
Therefore, at this time, it is necessary to have the sensory educational objects to stimulate the sense capabilities from outside

Montessori pink tower

Cylinder Blocks | DW1001
W×D×H 47.5*32*11cm

Knobless Cylinders | DW1002

Broad Stairs | DW1003
W×D×H 1*1*20~10*10*20cm

Pink Tower | DW1004
W×D×H 1*1*20~10*10*20cm

Third Box of Color Tablets | DW1007

Pairing of Colors | DW1008


Power of Two Cube | DW1021
W×D×H 13×13×11cm

Binomial Cube | DW1022
W×D×H 12×12×10cm

Trinomial Cube | DW1023
W×D×H 14×14×12cm

Sound Boxes | DW1016
W×D×H 19*11.5*10.5cm